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Summer 2015 – SUMMER OF LOVE at St. James Theatre

Summer  2015

Summer of Love  by ANDREW BRIDGMONT Writer/Director

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THE GOLDEN HOUR played the ST. JAMES THEATRE in spring 2014.     “I hit him and the cork popped.” A bottle of champagne is the weapon of choice.                               This 45 minute two-hander is a funny, erotic and ultimately moving portrait of a woman’s unconventional response to love, sex and ‘50’s Britain.

It is the latest work by Andrew Bridgmont, author of the award winning play Red on Black about the painter Mark Rothko. THE GOLDEN HOUR will be joined by two more works by Andrew, LANDMARKS and SUMMER OF LOVE, to form a full evening tripple bill called TALES FROM THE COAST. The pieces have been developed in close collaboration with The King’s Head Theatre and with actors Claire Porter, Charles Davies and Henry Peters as well as with Lucie Pankhurst (choreography) and Noah Gwynn (sound design). Our Associate Producer is David Donegan.

Andrew attended art school before becoming an actor. His first play, Red on Black, drew on the life of the painter Mark Rothko and was a winner of the International Playwriting Festival in 2000. It was nominated for the Mark Marvin Award the following year when it was also produced in London. His second play, Birdmen, was selected for Hampstead Theatre’s ‘Start Night’ in 2007. Short stories include Our Mr Kent, long-listed for The Bridport Prize the same year; Landmarks, also short listed for The Bridport Prize and The Sand Doll, short-listed for The Bristol Prize and subsequently published in the 2009 Anthology.

Tales from the Coast –

LANDMARKS:  A car lies on its roof, the grass around it strewn with polaroids.

This piece for two actors retraces the car’s final journey and the life, loves and fears of the man behind the wheel. LANDMARKS is a haunting study of one man at a turning point.

SUMMER OF LOVE:  An explosive e-mail attachment rocks life for a family of three on the caravan site.

THE GOLDEN HOUR:  “I hit him and the cork popped.” A bottle of champagne is the weapon of choice.

This 45 minute two-hander is a funny, erotic and ultimately moving portrait of a woman’s unconventional response to love, sex and ‘50’s Britain.

With three incidents and three abrupt changes of direction, these plays, all set on the south coast of England, explore the themes of escape and redemption and also hint at worlds that may, just possibly, lie beyond the horizon.



I believed every bead of sweat from Davies’ forehead and his subtle anxiety, his infant-like inferiority, was magnificent…Porter tunes in to every breath of the sultry Lizzie. She is aggressive, but not so much that her humanity is lost. She may be a murderer, but she is equally subject to the stifling context of the play, and displays much more if you are willing enough to stare at her long enough

RED ON BLACK        Robert Shore    TIME OUT   

Andrew Bridgmont’s masterly two-hander offers a warts-and-all portrait

RED ON BLACK        Colin Shearman   THE STAGE    

A play that tries to get to grips with American painter Mark Rothko. (Bridgmont’s) well-shaped, amusing two-hander…

The piece raises eternally fascinating questions about the relationship between artist and audience



Claire Porter in 100

100 won the Fringe First Award in Edinburgh 2002. Claire Porter was a member of the original co-devising cast with The Imaginary Body Theatre Company. 

In 2003 the show transferred to a sell out run at The Soho Theatre London, then toured to the Toronto International Theatre Festival, Australia and Brazil in association with Glynis Henderson Productions Ltd.

100 was created by Christopher Heimann, Diene Petterle and co-written by Neil Monaghan.
It was devised by the company.

‘The worlds we create are as fragile – and beautiful – as soap bubbles: one wrong movement, one actor who is not fully connected with the image and the bubble bursts, leaving us only with an actor holding a stick. The demands of this work – its need for mutual awareness and co-operation, for care and humility – are in themselves crucial to the meaning of the piece.’
Christopher Heimann. Director.

Get the Text: The play text is printed by Nick Hern Books.


Fascinating. A theatre show that actually makes you think about your own life.
The Guardian ****

“Touched me in places I didn’t even know I had…”
The Scotsman*****

Arresting – your heart and mind dilate.
The Independant

Extraordinary, resourceful and unforgettable.
Hoje em Dia Brazil

“A reminder that a single gesture can speak volumes.”
The Australian

Stunning – a gem.
The List *****

Inventive, intriguing…One of the Top 5 Shows at the Fringe.
Evening Standard

“Breathtaking. Spare, powerful, insightful…Moved me more profoundly than anything I can remember seeing in theatre.”
The Scotsman*****